About Us


The Sandbox refers to the country we live in ‘Bahrain’. The inspiration behind this word came from our cousin. Before moving away she used to call our beloved desert island ‘the Sandbox’ due to its nature & sand storms. It clicked! Our blog is about our daily life injected with a dose of our personal style & love for fashion & food. So welcome to our Sandbox readers!

Maha: Author of the blog with a boring day job. Enjoys the nerdy side of life along with the fun it is attached to. Silence is not an option and chit chat and squeals should always be around! Finds joy in the simplest of things like fashion, music, karaoke and lots more.  Vogue, beauty, Colorful nail polishes is a past time! Exploring the world is a mission! Fashion marketer in the making. 

Amal: Founder behind the Amal Al Mulla Ready-to-Wear fashion label and author of the blog, enjoys morning silence, the sun, indie films and acoustic music. Finds peace in meditation and warm smiles. Positivity is a prime goal, loves her cat more than her bed. Collecting quotes for inspiration is a hobby. Fashion illustrating is a daily fix and Ashley Olsen is the ultimate muse.  

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