Look of the day: Outdoors with Sheena Sujan

Nothing better than a delightful afternoon relishing outdoors, don't you think? There's always something magical about Fridays that keep us utterly wondered by it and yesterday felt like one of those days, where we couldn't pass it up on the couches and had to savor every minute of it. The weather was pretty chilly all day so we just had to pull out our cozy fur scarf for the day.

We also got to parade our latest Sheena Sujan tote around town, which we recently received thanks to the designer herself and fell absolutely in love with. This California based luxury handbag designer is one to watch, with a brand new 2014 collection consisting of leather goods crafted to it's finest in Italy using only the finest Italian leathers and exotic skins. The Barclay Tote in Black was our personal favorite. Spacious and timeless, this is the type of bag one could simply pull of everyday with such ease and elegance to it.

H&M knitted sweater, Self made skirt, H&M fur scarf, Sheena Sujan Barclay tote, Heels bought abroad

Thank you Sheena Sujan for this exquisite piece of luxury added to our closets. You can view her latest collection by visiting the official Sheena Sujan site, or follow her on Instagram, Twitter and facebook for all her latest updates. 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Come and hear the siren, come on let's run with our excitement, come on let's run. Open your eyes like a sparrow, come on let's try, it gets cold and gets bolder in here. All we want is the moon..

All we want by Oscar & the wolf

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One Response to “Look of the day: Outdoors with Sheena Sujan ”

Anonymous said...

OBSESSED WITH THAT BAG!!! Just purchased it. Can you please show us how to style the bag for summer???

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