Look of the day: All Monochrome for Gucci

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and embracing all the great vibes 2014 is giving out! We have set our resolutions and are ready to achieve a lot of things 'inshAllah'

Having said that, here is an outfit the taller sister in Dubai wore all over Dubai Mall a couple of weeks back. There was a Gucci Artisan event going on in the heart of the Fashion avenue at the Mall and this half got the chance to have an exclusive tour by the Gucci team themselves!

Confusion over picking an outfit is always a sorrowful encounter but during the last minute 'voila'! As this sister is always the one to choose black, it was a no brainer that a simple look that is monochromatic as this one comes out of the rabbits hat. I guess she wanted it to scream: Hey I'm chic and sophisticated in front of the Gucci team and thought that it would be the right choice for such a renown brand that carries a lot of great heritage! 

Zara skirt, Forever21 top, Vintage bag, Caroline Herrera heels, Zara necklace & Sunnies by Charlie Sunglasses

Hope you all have a productive week ahead! 

Maha & Amal
Song of the day: 'It might seem crazy what I am about to say, sunshine she is here, you can take a break, I am a hot air balloon that could go to space, with the air I do not care baby by the way, because I am Happy'

Happy by Pharrell Williams 

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One Response to “Look of the day: All Monochrome for Gucci ”

Simone said...

Beautiful Maha, you look so chic x

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