Look of the day: Sequined for breakfast

Hey there everyone!

Now with this being a jolly weekend as we were both reunited in Dubai, one of us had a photographer again to take outfit posts and since living in a country that has amazing scenery and a lot of sky scrapers we decided to go out and about to hunt for a suitable Dubai-ish outfit post spot!

With the weather in Bahrain dropping, it seems that the weather in Dubai is still warm and fuzzy permitting us to wear the usual summer-y outfits we almost love to wear. The taller half decided to wear a sequined loose top while having a reunited family breakfast at our new favorite spot on Jumeirah Beach Road with a pair of simple jeans and the usual loose free hair.

Forever21 top; Zara jeans; Celine bag; Forever21 heels

Since life is hectic in this part of the region, our beautiful beloved sandbox is rejoicing and celebrating National Day! So from Dubai, we wish you a big hug and lots of love to our home country Bahrain! enjoy the celebrations everyone! 

Have a lovely week ahead darlings! this taller half has to run for a fashionable day at University!

Maha & Amal
Song of the day: Some saw the sun, some saw the smoke, some heard the gun, some bent the bow, sometimes the wire must tense for the note, caught in the fire, say oh. We are about to explode, carry your world, I will carry your world

Atlas by Coldplay

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