Look of the day: Leather on a windy day

Good Afternoon everyone,

We hope the holiday season is still in the air loaded with infectious smiles, cheers and giggles with a lot of family spirit. New Years is just around the corner and we sincerely cannot wait for what 2014 brings!

On another note, this outfit was taken a few weeks back by one of our dearest friend/Photographer Sumaya right before rushing off to an early dinner with friends. We’ve been majorly into the A-line skirt trend this season, that we just had to pull out this leather piece of ours that’s been in our closet for a while now waiting to be worn. Going back to monochromes, we dressed it up with a simple printed black and white top and some metallics to welcome the evening with.

[Primadonna top & heels, gifted leather skirt, H&M necklace, thrifted crystallized clutch]

What has been you’re favorite trend you’ve been stocking up on this season?

Maha & Amal

Song of the day:  I'll take the sun and watch it surround you, all of the rain will fall around you, and I'll pull you closer when we're floating far away and I don't need no reason, we'll just get away

Sailing into the sun by Gentlemen Hall

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