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There is never a doubt in mind that beauty is one of the sandbox's sisters favorite thing and when it comes to skin care, it has become an obsession and a naughty habit! The pharmacy is also a place that you will always find her in, especially in Boots! hiding amongst the rails of products and reading through labels and endlessly reading reviews online for the next purchase. A pet peeve indeed!

For this post, we decided to let you in with what the obsessive sister has been using. With the new season coming along it has come to the attention that something more soft and subtle is always necessary. Now the products mentioned is the daily routine that has been used for a couple of months now and to be honest, our skin is always happy to oblige to the luxury bestowed upon it.

From left to right: Nuxe rose cleansing water, Green Bar Rosewater super blend, Kiehls creamy eye treatment, Green Bar flower Mask

A very floral bunch don't you think? Now one of the products in use is not in the picture due to the over consumption of the sister or shall we say over joy from results! The Green Bar face elixir is missing but we constantly rave about it! Our mother is also obsessed with it! Any of you know if it is available in Dubai?

After attending the makeup manual's course, we realized the importance of removing your make up as well as toning up the face and with the help of the Nuxe rose cleansing water it does just the trick, we love how natural it feels and how it removes the makeup so effortlessly.

On occasions when Friday Spa day comes into play, our Green Bar products makes an appearance! The Flower mask does the trick by hydrating you face and the spritz of the Rose water super blend gives it the ummph your face needs, now like mentioned this routine usually ends with eye cream and the Face Elixir but sadly the bottle is now empty. A purchase is definitely in order!

Hope this inspires you to also look into your skin care routine as well as inspire the other half of this blog to get into the skin hype!

Until the next beauty post!

Maha & Amal

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