Under the rays with Sunnies by Charlie

Hey all,

After a long week of looming clouds and rain, we're so happy the sun decided to finally make an appearance and brighten up our Saturday. Perfect day to soak under the warm sun rays in this cool and breezy weather .. perfect day to pull out our new Sunnies by Charlie sunglasses as well!
If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, then I’m sure you’ve heard our non stop commotion on these new sunglasses brand 'Sunnies by Charlie' we’ve been loving recently! it’s been months since we’ve been eying their pieces and after a long wait, we can finally say we are now proud owners of these trendy savvy sunnies! 

The HEPBURN sunny
The O sunny
The AUSTIN sunny

We're so thrilled we got a hold of our favorites, the HEPBURN sunny in Green, the O sunny in Tortoise and the AUSTIN sunny in Gold. What do you guys think? Aren't they just the perfect pair of sunnies that could compliment practically any outfit? Especially those lazy day ones!

You can find Sunnies by Charlie on Zalora.com or check out their latest collections on their official Sunnies by Charlie site. You can also Follow them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for updates as well! 

Enjoy what's left of your Saturday everyone!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Pretty eyes don't tell me lies, got a legend in the night, I'm crashing into desert sands eat the rust against the land, the desert's blowing and nothing grows, wind whipped hills stripped to bones, Oh history please let me go, let me be, leave me alone

There’s a light by Jay Milanowski

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