Isabel Marant x H&M

Hey there everyone!
Every year our heart skips a beat when H&M announces a collaboration! This year is no exception, media went haywire when the announcement of the Isabel Marant for H&M came to play and of course billions of people around the world yelped with excitement.
In the Middle East, the frenzy was also something to be talked about. Every year we witness how wild things get at the doors of H&M at 7am. We hear the strategies, smell the anticipation for the stampede that is about to happen. So exciting!!
This collection that has been put together by this Parisian designer exudes boho elegance with hints of rock and roll. Expect a lot of eclectic pieces that appeals to the contemporary women of today! the master pieces range from sweatshirts to tailored outwear to dresses and knits as well as some fine boots that we are keeping an eye on! A lot of interpretation through texture and embellishments has also caught our eye!
In this post, we decided to compile our favorites from the collection in the hopes that it may inspire all of you readers as well and cement whatever decisions you guys are trying to make when it comes to making up your minds on what to fight for on the 14th of November!
The launch is not too far away y'all and the wait is almost coming to an end as well, A lot of celebrities were spotted sporting the collection such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kirsten Dunst. Cannot wait to see you lot don them too!

To view the entire women's collection in addition to the men & kids collection' click here.
Thank god its Thursday everyone! Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.
Maha & Amal
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