A month of change

Hey there everyone!
There comes a time in a bloggers life where a sudden coincidence we call 'an uninspiring moment' strikes, or just a pure an utter blank space that is jammed up for quite sometime. Now you may have noticed our disappearance for quite a long time, we wouldn't technically call it 'lack of inspiration', we guess because sometimes we need a break from it all and because we got the chance to work on other great opportunities and trying to figure out ways for that big leap of faith we always hear about in the movies or read about in books.
Big changes is occurring to the blog, well to be more accurate a lot of changes occurring to the girls behind it! We are both busy with work and one changed her course in life which led her to a sudden new city! a drastic decision that makes us now based in Bahrain and in Dubai! 'exciting news'

While one of us decided to take a long vacation from work and ran to enjoy greenery, the other half decided to stay close to home, a capital where fashion tends to be exciting and eventful. We will be covering the fashion scene in both countries.

We missed you terribly beautiful readers and cannot wait to share our experiences with you all .. again and for always.
Maha & Amal
Song of the day: 'Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart, I cannot tell where the journey will end but I know where to start. They tell me I am too young to understand, they say I am caught in a dream, well life will pass by me if I do not open my eyes. So wake me up when it is all over, when I am wiser and I am older, all this time I was finding myself and I did not know I was lost’

Wake me up by Avicii

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