Two years in the Blogsphere

Hey there everyone! 

We hope you all had a fabulous week and are excited for it to finally be the weekend again! Today we mark our second anniversary. 


We always describe this little blog as our diary, every post is personal and written by the both of us together. We cherish and are proud of everything we have done so far and also loving every minute of it.

Within the past year, we have met new amazing friends in the blogsphere, got introduced to inspiring individuals, obtained amazing and fun opportunities and also got the chance to become ambassadors of the new hip hotel The Domain 'how cool is that?!' For that we are always thankful! 

Our readers and followers from all over are really the cherry on top of a delicious chocolate fudge cake. So here is to more years you beautiful readers you!

PS. We received these beautiful Kaftans from one of our close friends local brand A.K.S a couple of weeks ago and instantly saved it for this specific occasion. Thanks loads to the brand and cannot wait to see their upcoming collections. Make sure you follow them on instagram '@official_AKS’.

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Treasure, that is what you are, Honey you're my golden star, I know you could make my wish come true, If you let me treasure you

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4 Responses to “Two years in the Blogsphere ”

Georgina said...

Happy anniversary gorgeous girls! Wishing you many more years of blogging! Georgina xx

Maha and Amal said...

Thanks loads Georgina! we should meet up sometime for brekky or coffee!


Mohd said...

Happy anniversary wish you all the best in the upcoming years

Pathika said...

Hey Amal, congratulations! I enjoy your interesting and engaging posts!

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