Florals on a September day

Hello love bugs, 

As we witness the creative minds of many prominent designers come to life on the runways of fashion week, we thought it might be fun to post an outfit one of us wore for a quiet dinner party with friends last weekend. Since Spring/Summer is still in the air, we decided to don one of our own pieces! As some of you may know, we also run a fashion brand called 'Amal Al Mulla' and this season we came up with an Exclusive Summer collection with a lot of feminine prints that just brings out the beauty in everything! 

Let us know what were your favorite shows during Fashion week?! we are loving all the new upcoming designers turning up on the runway, their collections are just to die for, it's a wonder where were they all our lives! 

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone! 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: 'Everyday my dreams will get bigger, then I hear there's nothing I can dream hasn't been dreamt before, so I water my little faith and hope for the better, I know there's so much more for me, I know there's so much more, so much more than I can see'

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