Dinner all the way from level 34 at Le Sauvage, the Domain

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We hope you’re all having a productive week! Ours is going super slow for some reason, and we cannot wait for the weekend already as we’re having a special event happening this Friday with friends.

Anyways, for today .. let us just say this is not your regular blog post. Today we’re having a guest on our blog by one of our closest loving friend ‘Nayab Bhure', we went out a while back for Dinner at Le Sauvage at the Domain Hotel, a hip new hotel/social club we’ve mentioned to you guys about that recently opened on the island! It was such an amazing dining experience, which if we’re going to be completely honest, we hadn’t had in quite a while! and since our friend Nayab joined us and enjoyed it just as much as we did, we decided on having her as a guest wrapping up our Le Sauvage night experience in todays post:

‘I recently had the pleasure of joining my favourite bloggers on the island for a quiet little dinner at Le Sauvage, if the stellar company alone weren't amazing enough to make my night a happy one, the food made it extraordinary.  

The first impression of this place makes you feel like you've left Bahrain and arrived in trendy Dubai! The decor is exquisite in its details, right from the beautiful floors to the art on the walls, each peice of this hotel is amazingly well thought out, I fell in love. 

Photo credit: The Domain Facebook page

When we dined, everyone who attended to us was refreshingly sweet! That alone is enough to make us want to go back. Our server handed us the menus and patiently waited for us to make up our minds, but provided very helpful insight on what we might like, and each and every suggestion of hers was spot on! 

We began our dinner with virgin passion fruit mojitos and a virgin rosé cosmo, our tart and fruity cocktails enticed our tastebuds and set the stage for the exciting dinner that was to follow. We started with an heirloom tomato and mesclun salad, while the portions were small, each had a unique flavour, if you are to dine here, I highly recommend the mesclun salad. Next we were served a beef bourguignon (of Julia Child fame, yes we were excited too!) and a pan seared halibut with a summer vegetable ratatouille on the side. The beef bourguignon was tender like we have never tasted beef, it had sweet little baby onions in it which perfectly balanced this hearty dish. And the halibut was cooked just perfect but I only had a little taste of it since I'm not really a fish person, but the girls really enjoyed it! This tantalising feast for the tastebuds was followed by a heavenly cheese platter. We tried a little bit of everything really but the Gruyere with its sweet but still slightly salty flavour was our favourite. 

Leftt: The virgin passion fruit mojito, Right: Our starters
The delicious heirloom tomato and mesclun salad
The beef bourguignon & sweet virgin rosé cosmo
pan seared halibut
vegetable ratatouille on the side!
Heavenly cheese platter! SO GOOD!

As chocoholics, the best part of this meal for us was the next one, for dessert we were served a Valrhona dark chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side, and a créme brulee and a plate of assorted chocolate truffles. As you can imagine, the cake and ice cream were devoured in a matter of minutes, the créme brulee was solid in it dependability: creamy, sweet and delightful, the most interesting though were the truffles with exotic flavors such as balsamic and rosemary. 

Best part of the dinner! the valrhona dark chocolate cake & créme brulee!

Assorted chocolate truffles which .. we obviously devoured before taking a proper photo! sorry for the missing chocolate pieces!

Needless to say, our dinner was a truly remarkable experience and we will be returning again and again! Did I mention that this restaurant has a breathtaking view of the island? Don't take our word for it, go have a look yourself!'

Thank you The Domain for your kind hospitality, we definitely enjoyed our evening!! cannot wait to try out the rest of the hotels restaurants and facilities! 

Make sure to follow the Domain hotels on their social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter &  Pinterest.   

Maha & Amal


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