Our styling experience with Saks Fifth Avenue

Hey everyone!

As you all know, if you’re following us on instagram, we were invited by Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain a few weeks ago amongst a whole lot of our favorite Bahraini bloggers for a fun night of styling and to check out their latest Fall/Winter arrivals!

The night started out smoothly as we all gathered up in the VIP section and met a few members from the team behind Saks, enjoyed the little canapes and refreshments set for us as they let us in on the different brands Saks has got to offer, along side all the new collections that are now up in store for the season! Once we were done, each blogger was given a mannequin to style as they wished by picking items from around the whole store. 

At that moment, everything smooth turned to everything fun and hectic. Seeing how we both have completely different choices and styles, we dashed around the store moving from gowns, to mono-chromatics, grabbing whatever each of us liked and tried to fix them all together. Surprisingly we both laid our eyes on an EXQUISITE ‘Biyan' embroidered crystallized navy coat and decided that it would be the basis of our styling, that was when our ideas started to match, we let go of everything and started all over again working around the coat. As we chased around the numerous designer pieces in Saks, we ended up settling on  a sleek black ‘Celine' bowed top and a striking tangerine ‘Lanvin' silk trousers to compliment the beauty of the navy 'Biyan' coat. Now that the outfit was done, we ventured off again in the search for accessories to conclude our finished look! By adding another pop of color thanks to a yellow 'Alexander McQueen' Herione tote with a ‘Celine' wedge that took forever to find.
[Goofing around while looking for our pieces]
[We loved the Marni A/W collection]
[The time when love struck us, Biyan Coat]
[Lanvin bow top]
[One of us ended up wearing the Biyan coat all through our search]
[Our final look]

[More details Celine Wedges]
[Muneera from Arabbella and Ali from the Sartoriali]

[Arabbella's look]
[Mara from Electric Firefly and One of us trying on the Sofia Al Asfoor bag]
[With the Saks Fifth Avenue team]
The night ended with a lot of laughter, compliment exchanges and a lot of pictures of one another and our styled mannequins. We enjoyed the evening and that is all thanks to the lovely Saks team. We loved their support, cheerfulness, hospitality and the chance they have given us at this styling event!

Maha & Amal

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