Swarovski Elements x Persil Abaya Shampoo

Hello there fellow readers,

We hope you all had a great productive week, its finally Thursday and we could not be more excited! we were contacted by Swarovski a while back giving us some insightful information that we thought of sharing with you all.
Now before giving out the details, let us go back to how we got to know the brand, Swarovski was introduced to us by our mother, she gave us our first pair of those crystalized bracelets back in the days as tokens for getting good grades in school and from there we started to build our crystal collection!
Since we are all gearing up for the holy month of Ramadan, it feels so fit to let all you fashion forward women know that Swarovski Elements teamed up with Persil Abaya Shampoo to offer all you savvy women in the GCC region the chance get a 25% discount on limited edition abayas encrusted with Swarovski Elements with every shampoo purchased! 'how exciting!'. The offer started from the beginning of this month and will last until July 31st.
[One of our favourite pieces from the collection]
[Another of our favourite pieces from the collection]
Not only are the dymanic duo offering you guys a discount with every purchase, but they are also GIVING AWAY one of their limited edition bespoke abayas. its just a scan away! Do not miss the chance to win one of those beauties..
For more information about the giveawy and the collaboration, check out their social media platforms: Official Website and Facebook.
Stay tuned for our third giveaway  with Swarovski everyone! in the meantime, enjoy your Thursday!
Maha & Amal
Song of the day: 'When the days are cold and the cards all fold and the saints we see are all made of gold, when your dreams all fail and the ones we hail are the worst of all and the blood’s run stale, I wanna hide the truth, I wanna shelter you but with the beast inside, there’s nowhere we can hide, no matter what we breed, we still are made of greed, this is my kingdom come' 

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