Summer lovin' with H&M loves music

Hey there everyone, 

Now that the summer officially graced its presence to our lovely sandbox, it was time to slip into our summer dresses and kimonos! for this style post, we got these amazing pieces from the H&M’s loves music collection. We got inspired by Coachella, the music fever never left us really, we have been music addicts ever since we could talk and the genres we love also depends on our moods and personalities. Vintage vinyls are infused in our daily collectables during travels and karaoke nights are always our favorite past time! 

When we were invited to the H&M store in Bahrain City Centre to view the collection, both our eyes landed on the blue chiffon kimono lying on the rack but after many debates we both decided to get the same piece and style it in our own way! One of us went for a light purple ensemble and paired them up with a pair of flats and stacks of rings while the other went for a more cotton-y feel with whites, ankle boots and a cambridge satchel. All of the pieces screamed summer to us!

[Dress, Kimono, satchel, rings and ankle boots from the H&M loves music, Mango belt]

[Lace dress, kimono, golden necklace and stacked rings from the H&M loves music collection, H&M belt, F21flats and rings]
[Summer smiles]

We had such a blast during the preview and enjoyed the collaboration very much! Thanks again H&M! 

Have a great week ahead y’all! 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day:  'The birds they sand all the choir, start again a little higher, it is a spark in a sea of gray, the sky is blue, dreamed out loud till its true then taken back the part shine through my arms turn wings, those clumsy things send me up to that wonderful world and then I am up with the birds, might have to go where they do not know my name float all over the world just to see her again and I wont show a fear, any pain even through all my armor might rust in the rain’  

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One Response to “Summer lovin' with H&M loves music ”

Laura said...

Really love this look :)

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