'Once Upon a time' by Karl Lagerfeld

Hello everyone! 

It has been a long while since we posted clips that intrigues us and while one of us was browsing through the net trying to forget the headache of studies, we stumbled upon this short film by the one and only guru 'Karl Lagerfeld'. A Chanel adaptation to when 'Gabrielle Chanel' first started out as a milliner. 

We loved how Karl used one of his muses to play the lead in this 18 minute film, the beautiful Kiera Knightly who portrayed Coco in a dreamy way alongside others such as Clotilde Hesme and Brad Kroenig. Everyone was dripping in nothing but exquisite pieces from the couture house itself and let us not forget the hats! we got inspired to throw a tea party for our friends with the hat as a compulsory dress code! WE LOVE!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: If we could float away, fly up to the surface and just start again and lift off before trouble just erodes us in the rain and see roses in the rain, sing slow it down, through chaos as it swirls It's just us against the world

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