An escape from an escape: Sonya's Garden

A few weeks back, one half of the sandbox decided it was time to escape the desert and go to a rather tropical island and enjoy the greenery that we so long to see. It was a refreshing mini-escape away from all the bundles life offers from work and studies.

During the trip an out of town getaway sounded like a perfect idea. A small bed and breakfast called Sonya's Garden offering nothing but a vast garden of all the flowers you can possibly think of and spaces of organic green houses. A great retreat that enabled us to go back to nature!

We were aw-struck by what has been offered, Vintage looking cottages with nothing but the best antique furniture from across the globe. The owner believed that one must go back to nature which is why the cottages were not air conditioned with wide open windows to wake up to the rays of sun and the sounds of chirping birds along with the smell of greenery that spread across the gardens, it was a very zen atmosphere and we dined with nothing but the best china in town and ate bread and vegetables that grew outta the gardens itself, very organic! 

[Enchanted by the homey feel of the B&B]

[A bed of greenery and an array of flowers]
[Entrance to one of the cottages]

[We loved the interior of the cottages, vintage vibe!]
[Couldn't get over the pathway of flowers]
[Bowls of rose petals and flowers in every corner]
[Spot of paradise]
[Close up to the enchanting Belle flowers]
[Private pretty cottages for guests]
[Capiz chandeliers in every corner of the B&B, zen atmosphere!]
[Fresh organic bread available at all times]
[Mini shopping store at the B&B]
[Organic vegetables sold fresh from the green house]
[Mismatch of tea cups served at the dining table]
[Book signing in an old fashion way, we LOVE]
[Relaxing zone spread across the gardens]
[Colorful petals that is a spirit uplift]

Thinking back, all we can remember were flowers, flowers and more flowers! The tea cups and silverware was something to remember as well. All the cutlers and china were the owners personal collectables from trips to Europe and Asia, a belief that one must use everything owned and not just during special occasions. This got us ordering more to see the mismatch of wondrous collections of tea cups and pots owned! We loved it!

We both went to the same bed and breakfast at different times, our views and love for the place matched perfectly and can't wait to go back together with friends!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Just take away the words I say, cause I know that you don't feel the same, just go and say what's in your head and I won't try to stop you, you hold the rights I'll never own and I've never felt so alien, don't tear us apart again, what is the use of it, we're OK, it's nothing, It's all chemistry of a car crash

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