Tourists in our own little island

A couple of weekends ago, we found ourselves taking a step back from our usual weekend routine as we welcomed a friend all the way from Germany to our little island. Though her stay was short, It was still so much fun showing her an extra little piece of our life here. We had a full scheduled plan of places to take her too and were extremely excited ourselves to just be tourists for a day, go back to the roots of our sandbox and dig deeper into our own culture as well.

Early breakfast at Saffron in the Riffa fort
The national museum was a must! 
Couldn't have her come all the way without trying out Tikka, the Bahraini way!
Was a beautiful day at the tree of life

Abaya day for us all at Beit Al Quran
Al Fateh grand mosque
A haven of Calm

Night out at Bab Market in souq al Manama, Passed by Pretty little things and got ourselves one of these lovely Floral headbands!

We LOVED Ajyal Company! Got our 'go6i' and enjoyed all the traditional games in it! from 'The dawama, tiyal and tabasheer', what's not to love!

Lunch at one of our favorite spots! Villa Mamas !

Tip 1: love your food, it will love you back

All smiles and love ♡!

Until next time,

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Like ships in the night, you keep passing me by, We're just wasting time trying to prove who's right and if it all goes crashing into the sea, If it's just you and me, trying to find the light

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