Lacoste's 80th anniversary celebration

Hey everyone!

Whilst one half of us spent a few Saturdays ago enjoying the warmth of the sun half way across the world by the pacific ocean, The other half spent the day enjoying the sun right in the comfort of our own Sandbox celebrating with Lacoste it’s 80th anniversary.

The event took place at Block 338 lounge and restaurant, a beautiful afternoon garden party that went perfectly hand-in-hand with the cool summer breeze. Lacoste had specially crafted a new 80th anniversary logo created by British designer Peter Saville that was seen through out every corner of the party and was also used on their exclusive 80th anniversary collection that can now be found in store at the Lacoste boutiques.  

Aside from hanging with the famous green gators, it was such a pleasure bumping into the new and the familiar faces of our sandbox’s bloggers! With music playing in the background, candy swirls, alligator munchies, cupcakes and drinks catered all around, the evening definitely pulled the sun down on that Lacoste day with smiles, laughter and a lot of joyous camera snaps. 

Loving the set up and the new 80th anniversary polo collection!

With the talented photographer Hana Tawfeeqi

Muneera from Arabbella all gorgeous for the camera!

The lovely ladies Sara and Dunia from Obai & Hill
The 80th Logo was everywhere!

The one and only Mr. stylish Ali Al Bana

We Heart Lacoste ♡! - Wearing a self designed polka dotted blazer, peach embellished blouse from abroad, a Mango lace skirt and The Hermes Plastic Kelly bag
A day well spent it was, thank you Lacoste for the wonderful event, Don't forget to drop by your nearest Lacoste store and check out their latest 80th anniversary collection!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: In the morning when I wake and the sun is coming through, Oh you fill my lungs with sweetness and you fill my head with you. 

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