The Body Shop Bahrain 'Pulse' event

Hey everyone!

Great news for all you body and beauty product lovers out there, The Body shop Bahrain recently had a relaunch for their boutique at Bahrain City Center with a new beauty movement called 'beauty with heart'. Attending the 'Pulse' launch event, we had such a wonderful experience browsing through the new store concept, it was all about a heartwarming, refreshing and natural atmosphere. The store was much more brighter, lighter and how do we put this .. earthy.

A memorable and unique browsing experience was their promise and that's exactly what to expect, a variety of new products were introduced as well as try me samples placed all around where customers can try the products out and fill small sample pots to take home and experiment with. Another great thing that was new to the body shop pulse store was their idea of having a corner for free makeovers and skincare/beauty advise as part of their new services, brilliant.

Now, the best part? Pulse is where activism, beauty and community collide. it's not just about feeling and looking good, but about doing good as well, engaging with the brand encourages in protecting the planet and takes action in helping others, through community fair trades, campaigns and animal welfare.

very cute and creative display of the products!

We loved the delicate floral scent of the Moringa range, so refreshing!
Took some sample pots of this home to try out!
Gotta give some love to their strawberry range of products! So sweet!
Their free make up/beauty and skincare advise corner
New fruity lip gloss flavors! Yum!
Love this, their bulletin board with pictures and news on their global campaigns
Did you notice how they changed their packaging as well?! what do you think?
Alla from sugar & spice going through their new sheer scents and body mists! 
The staff strike a pose!

Thank you body shop Bahrain for the fun experience! Don't forget to drop by your nearest branch to witness all the wonderful changes and check out all the new products!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: I remember when you lost your head Sometimes I wonder how you stay so sad when you're so beautiful And I remember every word you said How you were scared because you never been somewhere so beautiful, so beautiful.

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