Backstage-ing at the SS'13 Splash fashion show

Hello there everyone!

As you all know, we were invited by Splash fashions to attend their SS '13 fashion show last weekend in Dubai. We have to say it was so much fun and such a thrilling experience! What a night! We cannot wait to share our experience through our little lens.

Before the show started, we got the chance to get a sneak peek backstage and saw all the clothes used for the show, the shoes, the insane props and also snapped the models during break time! The makeup and hairstyle section was another thing we got to see. Big hair and bold makeup was in favor for the night. Fun stuff we got to see that is all we have to say! 

We also got to meet the CEO of Splash fashions Mr. Raza Beig in person before the show and managed to chat about goals and visions for this rising brand.

[The theme for the SS '13 fashion show was a sporty kind of feel, its all about the Fashion League]

[Backstage where all the clothes are displayed and each rack has someone in charge to dress the model]

[We spotted a lot of herringbone while checking the clothes out]

[Custom made props like this big boxing clove were pretty cool]

[An exclusive line of shoes just for this collection]

[Funky helmets]
[Couldn't resist taking pictures of this cute bike]
[Funky Hair]
[Colorful makeup]
[Bokeh effect for the makeup]
[So beautiful]
[Extra beautiful]
[The makeup artists backstage]
[It was interesting to see the activities models were doing backstage, some were sewing and some were ab exercising and others were playing football]
[Everyone was all smiles every time we wanted to take a pic]

[The CEO of Splash was so sweet! the one & only Raza Beig]

We will be posting pictures of our outfits and the actual show soon!

Have a blessed Friday everyone!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: A shot in the dark, a past lost in space, and where do I start? The past and the chase, you hunted me down like a wolf, a predator, I felt like a deer in your lights, you loved me and I froze in time hungry for that flesh of mine, but I can't compete with the she-wolf, who has brought me to my knees, what do you see in those yellow eyes?'Cause I'm falling to pieces 

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