A day in my shoes: Ayah Ewaiwi

Hey there our beauties!

This month for our ‘A day in my shoes’ segment, we are featuring the ever so classy Ayah Ewaiwi, a current student at AUD and an intern at one of our favorite boutiques in Dubai 'Garderobe'. Her style is chic with a burst of class and a vintage essence and it is obvious when you go through garderobe's social media platforms, She creates outfits that suits her style and posts them regularly. Thank you Ayah for sending out the pictures!    

[White YSL shirt, pink Nina Ricci skirt and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes]
[White Zara shirt, beige Chloe skirt, Fendi bag, Alaia shoes, and an LV pink hair clip]

[Carven beige coat, Topshop skinny jeans, Nicholas Kirkwood blue shoes and a white Hermes Birkin]

[Sass and Bide dress, Gucci shoes and Chanel vintage bag]

[Zara black pants, Lanvin for h&m T-shirt, fur coat and Fendi bag]

Name: Ayah Ewaiwi
Age: Twenty two
Occupation: Student at AUD and an intern

Describe your style in 3 words.
Classy, Original & feminine. 

What is the one to-go fashion piece that completes your overall look?
My bag or earrings.

Who is your style icon?
Grace Kelly!

What designer or retail store reflects your personal style?
Marc Jacobs.

What are your current favorite trends?
Skinny pants and scarves!

[To be featured in 'A day in my shoes', Email us on: adayinthesandbox@gmail.com]

Song of the day: I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow, watched the stars crash in the sea, if I can ask God just one question, why aren’t you here with me tonight? Someday we’ll know, if love can move a mountain, someday we’ll know why the sky is blue, someday we’ll know, why I wasn’t meant for you...

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One Response to “A day in my shoes: Ayah Ewaiwi”

majeda said...

so classy! I love her!!

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