Monthly inspiration: February 2013

Hey Sandbox readers,

In a deep quirk our heads and hearts are at this February, as we notice how our love for pastels, sparkles and all the daintiness of Spring suddenly spiraled down to something a little bit different than our ordinary Spring likings, in our case. This months inspirational collectables include a numerous amount of bold statement colors, Raw Reds, blooming Oranges, some antique Blues and a fond obsession for baby elephants. 

What are you loving this Spring? we'd love to know what inspires you all!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: You are the hole in my head, you are the space in my bed, you are the silence in between, what I thought and what I said, you are the nighttime fear, you are the morning when it's clear, when it's over, you're the start, you're my head and you're my heart

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