Happy Fashion Week: Boot camp with Leandra Medine

Hey there everyone! 

Hope you all are having a great week. 

The streets of New York city opened its doors to the world of fashion and the moody skies did not stop people from all continents to attend the on-going shows happening in one of the greatest fashion capitals. 

We have been glued to the laptop watching shows and observing the exquisite collections coming down the runway for inspiration and let us not forget the bloggers community that run from show to show in sky scraper heels and daring outfits. 

Now speaking of fashion week and bloggers, we came across a video that we instantly decided to share it with you lot! Leandra Medine is most definitely one of our favorite bloggers, whats not to love about her with a crack-me-up kind of humor, super smart brains and man repelling stylish wardrobe she makes our heart flutter. This humorous video of her, Rebecca Minkoff and Hilary Rhoda detailing the 'it' way to survive fashion week! 

Hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as we did! HAPPY FASHION WEEK Y'ALL! 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: The sky glows, I see it shining when my eyes close, I hear your warnings but we both know, I'm gonna look at it again, Don't wait, Don't wait, the road is now a sudden sea and suddenly, you're deep enough to lay your armor down

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