A day in my shoes: Ali Al Bana

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We are back with our monthly 'A day in my shoes' segment, we can't believe a year has officially passed since we started this, uncovering what our precious Island and the Middle East has got to offer from style and fashion month after month which allows us to take a glimpse of the originality that every person carries within them through their own ways of portraying fashion. It has been wonderful

This February, is a very special month for us as we decided to take a minor detour from the path we usually take and share with you all another side of fashion that has been sadly shied away by many in our Sandbox: The world of Mens fashion. There has been a lot of concentration on women and fashion for the past years that we forget that fashion IS for everyone. And if you look closely, you'll notice not only how important fashion plays a role in molding a guys individuality but also the amount of dashing style most of them have.

Today we are proud to feature the young and fashionable, uprising Bahraini designer and blogger behind The Sartori-Ali, Ali Al Bana who we first spotted in Bahrain Fashion week back in 2011 showcasing his first collection on the runway. We love the touch of fierceness and edge he adds to his outfits, making them his own and admire how his style truly is a reflection of the person he is as he describes on his blog 'I'm obsessively opposed to the typical'.

[Custom made turquoise blazer with golden spikes, H&M V-Neck Tshirt, Black Zara jeans (Spiked by him), Kenneth Cole black lace up boots] 
[White polo shirt, Lana Del Ray for H&M Grey jumper, Zara jeans, Gucci Wallet, Single Spiked Ring from Kuwait, Diesel watch, Kenneth Cole boots]
[Zara Grey jumper, Zara shorts, Spiked messenger bag designed by Ali himself, Gold studded H&M ring, Zara leopard studded boots]
['Ain't Laurent without Yves' T-Shirt]

Name: Ali Al Bana
Age: Sixteen
Occupation: Student, Blogger, fashion designer and stylist

Describe your style in 3 words.
In 3 words, I'd have to say Bold, Edgy and different with a hint of monochrome.

What is the one to-go fashion piece that completes your overall look?
Recently, I’ve been going mad about Murses; They portrayed such a new scene in the world of fashion for men.

Who is your style icon?
Bryan Boy & Nick Wooster

What designer or retail store reflects your personal style?
For designers I’d have to say Givenchy, Muggler & Kenneth Cole. As for retail stores, Without a doubt Zara & H&M..

What are your current favorite trends?
Now that it’s winter, And Mens Fashion Week just ended trends are being decided. To Be honest I don’t follow trends, I just follow what I’m extremely provoked by. Studs & Spikes ! My Closet is LITERALLY filled with clothing pieces that I have studded & spiked myself. I love over sized jumpers & the mens statement rings. One last thing, FUR lots of it.

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It's so SHOOSH said...

I looooove him!!! He is one AWESOME dude!!!

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