Sleepless nights with Net-a-porter

Hello there pretty people!

Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend! We had a blast! Friends over all weekend for chill time board games on Thursday and some cupcake pyjama night Birthdays. We are fully loaded for the week due to the full fun consumption.

We have come to realize that the weekend's late night net browsing can be the death of us! impulsive purchases and fashionable finds always happens at night! Last weekend we suffered from a sleepless night and we thought 'Hey why not make use of our popping eye and check Net-A-Porter!!' and so below are our beautiful oggle pieces for the weekend!

How ridiculous is the surprising cold breeze that hit the sandbox last weekend! we are loving it!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Seasons change and you grow a little older, no one stays the same and my heart grows a little warmer, my heart turns a little warmer, everything turns. Seasons change and you grow a little wiser, nothing stays the same, the past becomes the future, seasons change, only the cherry blossoms they bloom again, they will bloom

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