All naturale with Lave affair

One of our top resolutions for the year –As un impressively thought of and cliché as it may sound but crossing fingers to keep up with this one- is to focus on health; Not just the calorie counting, fruit shakes and no cakes shinannigan kind but also on the whole ‘to be wiser on product choices’ for healthier skin and a healthier look.

So as that grew to be an important resolution we've taken to heart, we've been drifting even more towards a lot of natural organic products and recently came across a local brand that offer amazing handmade natural bath products called 'Lave affair'. 

We spent a lovely evening last week over coffee with 'Huda' the woman behind lave affair discussing all the great products they had to offer and were gifted with a few samples of their best sellers, now since we are such natural product groupies, we were extremely excited to try them out and have to admit that we loved them all. 

The bath products range from different types of soap bars, fizzy bath balls to luscious scrubs made out of the finest quality of various essential oils, olive oils and herbs sourced from all over the globe. we must say we found that all of the natural ingredients that went into making the products were pure luxury.

The scrubs that we tried on were the Lavender and Rose bath scrub, it literally melts into softness leaving your skin extra smooth and moisturized. Moving onto the soap bars, they vary from Rosemary, Lavender, Oriental, Rose and Sea salt. Trying them on, it was incredibly nourishing and refreshing, leaving us with a soft skin finish. Not to mention that they can be used as a make up remover as well. OH and they smell ah-mazing and -seriously- delicious, our skin possess such a mesmerizing scent because of it all! 

For orders and more information on Lave affair, you can find them on their official website, Facebook and Instagram on: @Laveaffair.  

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One Response to “All naturale with Lave affair”

Anonymous said...

It's an amazing product. The Salt scrub leaves your skin smooth and sweet smelling. I loved too the Rose soap.

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