Long live the stretched out weekend

Hello Everyone! 

One half has been spending a lot of quality time with the bros! Football of course was in order but it was so much FUN ! the only problem is the Seven nation army beat is jammed!! guess it is a good weekend song. Right?

The little ones decided to have fun with the camera and since the month of November is 'Movember' month, the outcome was a bit hilarious, loved how our brothers got so creative-y to support a cause... 

[Mango top, Casio watch, Hermes bracelet and others gifted, Necklace from souq Bahar] 

Since the weekend is here and oh how that 6 letter word brings us joy, we wish you all a pleasant weekend and enjoy the one day bonus y'all! spend it wisely..

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: I am gonna fight 'em off, a seven nation army could not hold me back, they are gonna rip it off, taking their time right behind my back, I am talking to myself at night because I cannot forget, back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette and the message from my eyes it says leave it alone

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2 Responses to “Long live the stretched out weekend”

Miryam said...

Where exactly is soug bahar? any chance you mean bab al bahrain?? the necklese looks exactly like dannijo! DIES!!

Maha and Amal said...

Hello there!

Yes it does right?! that was the first thing that came into thought.

Souq Bahar is in Dubai love. Rumor has it that a Bahraini instagram account sells the exact same necklace not sure what is the account called though :(

Thank you for your comment.


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