A vacation under the sun

Hello all you beautiful people! 

As you all know, one half of the sandbox disappeared and jetted off for a long getaway, escaping the change of weather and embracing the warmth of the sun and the tropical beaches half way across Bahrain.

It was the perfect most relaxing vacation that infused good music, great company, delicious exotic dishes and a whole lot of fun and shopping -of course-

Highlight of the trip: getting the chance to watch The Fray, one of our favorite bands, -yes, most of our 'song of the day' includes them ♥ - their music never sounded more incredibly amazing live.

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: When darkness comes upon you and covers you with fear and shame, be still and know that I'm with you and I will say your name, If terror falls upon your bed and sleep no longer comes, remember all the words I said, Be still, be still..

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