A season of change

With the cool evening breeze hitting us this couple of weeks, we cannot help but smile and give out a small cry of joy! for it is an indicator that a season deeply dear to our hearts will soon knock its door to our beloved sandbox. Winter is a season we love! sure we love the summer for the beach, cold refreshments and not to mention the vibrant colors cloths, accesories and beauty trends but winter is a world of its own! dressing up is a must and the chance to unleash our coats and jackets that is dying to come out! of course we aint London town but it still gives you the chance to don up and play dress up yes? Winter is also the time to obsess over the color Burgundy! we bought lippies in that color and deep deep red! ahh this season!
Another thing to look up to is TOFFEE NUT LATTE! We swear that we know winter is here once we see people holding those sexy red starbucks paper cups!

Until next time,

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Cradle the weight of your life, you can survive what lies before you, it is only a matter of time, before the night turns into day, it should feel incredible, to know you are not alone, just look in my eye 

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