A knack for organics

Hello Beauties!

We have been obsessed over organic products for some time and ever since we been using our little Sandbox's very own 'Green Bar' we decided that its time to purchase some more organic products. During a trip to Dubai, a visit to 'Lush' at the Dubai Mall was in order and boy was it a productive trip! what seems to be a quest to search for body scrubs ended up to be an organic hair product spree! hair treatments, conditioners and also some split ends balm were some of the items purchased during that day. The staff were inviting and helpful, they greeted you with big smiles and were very informative and what a happy customer day it was! free samples were given out too! Woohoo?!

[Different colorful soaps for different purposes]
[Hair products galore!]
[More hair products]
[A glimpse of some of our happy purchases]

Once we hit the Sandbox, we both could not wait to try the products to see the results. Some yes we tried and loved em! the rest, not yet but excited to give it a go!

Happy Friday!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: I dare you to let me be your, your one and only, promise I'm worthy to hold in your arms, so come on and give me a chance, to prove that I'm the one who can, walk that mile until the end starts

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