One week of fashion nerdy fun

A couple of weeks ago one half of the sandbox made a quick decision and jetted off to beautiful Dubai to attend one of London College of Fashion Middle East short courses. It consisted 5 days of grueling hard work! 

The course was a 'Luxury fashion brand management & product design' and was taught by Dr. Pascal Portanier. The course included lectures that hit areas in terms of fashion marketing and fashion business and it covered all areas for New product development (NPD) for luxury brands. Case studies about big fashion houses came up along the course and last but not least a big presentation on the final day was in order! groups had to pick a certain fashion house and create a new product line for them along with all the business aspects that is attached to such a development! it was the most challenging part of the course but also the fun part of it! During the presentation day groups were anxiously waiting with smiles and nervousness to see what others have come up with! creative bunch is enough to say! 

[Case study]

The course was fun, exciting, beneficial and informative! People of different nationalities showed up to discuss the topic they are most passionate about: fashion! The instructor passed down a lot of his experiences and made sure that people left the course well fed with fashion facts and knowledge regarding luxury brands and the process of product design! 

[Kicking the course with style in an amalalmulla skirt]

Can't wait to attend more courses in the near future soon! 

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Dancing where the stars go blue, dancing where the evening fell, dancing in my wooden shoes, in a wedding gown, dancing out on 7th street, dancing through the underground, dancing little marionette, are you happy now? where do you go when you are lonely? where do you go when your blue? where do you go when you are lonely I follow you, when the stars go blue

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