Another H&M mania: Anna Dello Russo x H&M

You know that saying, better late than never? This saying definitley applies to this post. We all know that H&M has done wonders to the world of fashion, offering the public trendy clothes at affordable prices and with the fabulous collaborations it associates itself with every year! This time we witnessed one of H&M's best collaborations with the fabulous and over the top 'Anna Dello Russo'! We watched all the girls squeal months before the launch and creating their wishlists and strategizing ways to collect their prize on the day!

A couple of Thursday's ago, long lines lined up in City Center in the wee hours of the morning to charge into the department store to snatch the little treasures they have been longing to have .. A fun day it was and we even bumped into some new friends!

[ ADR x H&M display at 8:00 in the morning]

[ Decision making on the H&M floor]
[Break time]
[Our purchase]
[One of our friends happy with her shopping bags]

See you next month for a collaboration we been yearning for! FINALLY, the Maison Martin Margiela is coming out!!! 

Enjoy what is left of the night fellow readers!

Maha & Amal

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3 Responses to “Another H&M mania: Anna Dello Russo x H&M ”

TheJulyBloom said...

I didnt think i will go crazy over this collection, it is really beautiful and unlike what some ppl said that it looks cheap in real but most of them look better.

Moaza AK said...

To be honest, When I went to check out ADR at H&M, i think it was over-rated and I didn't really like it.

Maybe some of the necklaces were amazing, but too bad they were plastic!

Drop by my blog x
thanks love

Yasmin said...

What did you BUY !! ? SHOW USS

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