A day in my shoes: Latifa Al Khalifa

October has opened its doors to the sandbox and for us you know what that means! another style flaunt segment! We are personally loving all the emails you guys are sending and the support for this segment! so keep them coming! This month, we received another email infused with a fashion lifestyle. When we laid eyes on Latifa Al Khalifa's classy attire, we were excited to post immediately, this stylist/ designer is definitely considered as a true fashionista! We loved how she made the outfits appear so simple and effortless! Thank you Latifa for sending out your photo's.

[Sweater: The Ragged Priest, Jumper: American Apparel, Rings: Urban outfitters & H&M]

[Cardigan & Scarf: Topshop, Maxi dress: Vintage, Accesories: Whistles & Aldo]
[Peplum top: Warehouse, Skinny jeans: River island, Necklace: Primark]
[Top & Skirt: Primark, Accessories: BCBG, Aldo & Forever21, Bag: Carolina Herrera]

Name: Latifa Al Khalifa
Age: 24
Occupation: Fashion designer/Stylist 

Describe your style in 3 words.
Effortless, Chic & trendy 

What is the one to go fashion piece that completes your overall look?
Currently my to-go piece is my Casio watch & cannot leave the house without my arm party!   

Who is your style icon?
I am obsessed with Miroslava Duma, I love how she is not afraid to mix & match pieces & never sticks to a particular style! Olivia Palermo is another one of my style icons, simply because she dresses flawlessly from head to toe. 

What designer or retail store reflects your personal style?
Top shop, Zara & H&M. 

What are your current favourite trends?
I am into peplums, printed & colorful pants, lace & everything that includes spikes! Statement piece necklaces is a craze for me & let me not forget, I go gaga over the color YELLOW!

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Maha & Amal

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4 Responses to “A day in my shoes: Latifa Al Khalifa”

plhong flores said...

OMG! is she designing again? im a fan!!!

Anonymous said...

From the day I met latifa untill now she amazes me with her unique style!! To me latifa is always the spotlight of anywhere she goes!!

Safiyya said...

Latifa Al Khalifa you babe, you're GOOD!! I hope you read my comment, mashAllah you're excellent at styling. Some people are like designer this, designer that and still they look meh.. But YOU look so effortles, chic & trendy EXACTLY hahah!

All my respect with love and blessings, hugs, S.

Moaza AK said...

Love the style! ;)

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