Up & close with the brains behind 'Wayed Vintage'

The term 'Vintage' started to gain popularity amongst us arabs during the past couple of years. It sparks an intrigue and a sense of interest once mentioned. We are no exception! we love anything vintage and are drawn to the word like a shoe addict is attracted to Louboutins. We enjoy vintage stores as the pieces offered are unique, authentic and each piece preserves a story that may span to 50+ years. Exciting!

We caught up with one of the Middle East's prominent entrepreneurs 'Dana Wolley' who owns 'Wayed Vintage' a one of a kind online boutique selling hand picked vintage jewellry. She talked about her business, passion for vintage and her aspirations!

DSB: Tell us the story behind' Wayed Vintage'. How did it all start and what is the inspiration behind the name?

DW: I was 16 and it was my last year in high school, everyone was thinking about studies and university. I on the other hand was thinking about the same thing but my major priority was starting a business. It just happened from there, I was always in love with vintage jewellery and anything vintage fashion related. I have had a huge bunch of vintage jewellery at the time, so I decided to open a FB group, invite everyone and see what happens from there! It was a success ever since.

Regarding the name, my local Emirati friends would always describe by style as 'Wayed Vintage' which means 'SO' vintage in the local dialect. It clicked from there! even though I'm lebanese, I consider the UAE to be my home and speak the language very well so putting 'Wayed Vintage' means a lot to me. I always enjoy telling my non arab customers what it means, because it sounds so interesting to them.

DSB: How do you find the pieces you sell? How is the selection process?

DW: Over the past 6 years I have managed to build a big database. Every time I travel and visit vintage markets, I make sure I get a hold of the suppliers details, they email me at once whenever they see something that might interest me. The jewellery come from different parts of the world such as Europe, the U.S and the Middle East. I am highly involved in the estate sales that happen in the U.S and get a lot of my pieces from the sales after someones death. sounds sad, but it's actually pretty interesting. That is why every piece sold has a story behind it. I make it a mission to select pieces that are in excellent condition!

DSB: What style defines 'Wayed Vintage'?

DW: My brand is sophisticated, elegant and 'Wayed' vintage.

DSB: What is your favorite and least part of owning a business?

DW: With every business there comes some ups and downs. But that is just natural. My favourite part of owning a business would be the feeling of independence. I enjoy making my own money and love meeting customers in person to see the look on their faces whenever they view my vintage finds! it's always priceless!

My least favorite part of owning a business would be when people always try to copy what you are doing. I've had my share of people who buy my stuff and open their own business selling the stuff collected by me. It bothers me, whatever happened to originality?

DSB: How is a typical day in your life as a business owner?

DW: Since my business is online, I do not have to wake up early to go and sit in an office all day. It's actually quite interesting, I do all my work after midnight and in the early mornings.

DSB: What plans do you have for your business in the near future?

DW: To try and expand worldwide. 'Wayed Vintage' should be available to everyone. It is challenging since my products are vintage and low in volume, but I am pretty sure that I cant manage.

DSB: Is vintage always the added touch to your daily outfits?

DW: Yes, It's an element that is always infused in my style.

DSB: The term 'Vintage' just started to trend in the Middles East and is gaining popularity, Do you agree and why?

DW: It's been around for a couple of years now and is going strong. People in the Middle East are very aware of trends on runways and as you can see, most of the international well known brands are bringing 'vintage' back.

DSB: What makes 'Wayed Vintage' unique?

DW: It is the first vintage jewellery concept in the Middle East, it started in 2007, a time when people were not so familiar with my idea. my 'Wayed Vintage' pieces are very unique, on trend and not to mention extremely classy and elegant.

DSB: What would you say your most popular items are?

DW: Pearl earrings. People just love pearls! they love colorful earrings with big pearls in the middle. they sell out in seconds!

DSB: On a personal note, who or what do you find fashion inspiration from - past or present?

DW: Chanel of course! It is my favorite brand! as for fashion inspiration, I suppose it comes from Coco Chanel!

DSB: What is the one staple accessory every well dressed woman should own?

DW: Vintage Chanel 'logo' earrings. Every well dressed woman should own a pair!

DSB: What is the hardest challenge you find in your career?

DW: Finding vintage items in general is a challenge. Sometimes I can go months without finding items that I truly find unique and in excellent condition. That by itself is a challenge.

[For more information, Check out Wayed Vintage's facebook and Dana's blog]

Hope you all are having a great week!

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