On this day, we turn ONE!

Today marks a special day in our books, on this day, we can finally say we have been blogging for a year now! Happy one year to our little baby!

The world of blogging opened our eyes to so many beautiful things, its doors are unlimited and its opportunities are never ending! we love it!

We have met many wonderful people during the past year. We were introduced to some bloggers, listening to their vision, their aspirations and their passion for blogging just got us to appreciate our little diary even more! We got to know some of our readers & followers, listening to their kind words, comments and support was something out of this world. During our blogging journey we got to meet some wonderful designers, business owners and people from the media that were very supportive along the way!

To all the people who were with us from the beginning, to those who are just new to 'A day in the Sandbox ' and to our family & friends.. WE LOOOVE YOU! 

[ Our mother surprised us with a cute cake! we could not have been more happy! ]

Hope you all are having a great week & a lovely night!

Maha & Amal

PS. We spent all week trying to polish our blog, we aimed for a minimalistic and chic layout! how do you guys like it so far?

Song of the day: As we go on, we remember, all the times we had together and as our lives change, come whatever. We will still be, Friends Forever

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5 Responses to “On this day, we turn ONE! ”

Alla said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, LOVE IT!! Congrats my girlies!

Latifah Al Muraikhi said...

That's such a sweet surprise from your mom .. the blog looks great btw

Safiyya said...

Congrats babes! Adore it all!

Hugs, S.

Plhong Flores said...

Happy birthday! Mwah! Mwah!

Maha and Amal said...

Thank you all very much <3


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