FMH Boutique Styling event

We were invited by the owner of FMH boutique 'Stella' to a Styling event held at the boutique itself. We had the opportunity to mingle with some of the Middle East fashion bloggers, met two adorable models and got the chance to get up and close with Stella. 

 The Styling event was all about going through their wide collection of brands at the boutique and coming up with a look to dress the model with! it was fun, especially since the brands at FMH grew from our last visit and the collections available were hard to pick from, we wanted them all!! 

After a long time of scanning and eying the pieces at the boutique, we ended up with a some what dressy outfit that can be worn for a late night dinner with friends by night or a dressed up morning meeting by day! What we loved during the whole process was the versatility of each blogger. Most of us picked the same piece but it was interesting to see how different it ended up looking on the models!

Running around the boutique putting an outfit together
This is the final look we came up with together. Top by Naven, Skirt by Muubaa, Jacket by house of Dagmar, Finsk shoes, Mercedes Salazar necklace, Melinda Maria bangles, Claw ring by Bjorg & bag by Jerome Dreyfuss  
Amira the model all smiles during the event
Stella made everything easy for us, a guide for our looks
Decisions, decisions.. lots to pick from
D from The Purple Bow Tie
Mara from Electric Firefly
Ashwathy from The style council
Muneera from Arabbella
Nada from Pretty little post & Nora from Closet Jigsaw
Bloggers coming up with outfits
Delicious FMH cupcakes
The two gorgeous models Amira & Abi
Nadia & Stella from FMH boutique
Alla from Sugar & Spice happy with her new purchase!
Hope you all have a great week ahead! 

Maha & Amal

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2 Responses to “FMH Boutique Styling event ”

ThirdWorldFabi said...

Sounds like such a fun event! The outfit you guys put together is lovely. :D


Maha and Amal said...

It was alot of fun & got to meet alotta fashionistas! we loved it! and thanks for the comment!

Hope you are doing great love, thank you for the lovely comment!

Maha & Amal

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