Look of the day: Fun Sundays infused with style

Hello there everyone! 

Hope you all had a delicious futoor! we know we did 'ahh so full!', last week we had a gathering and we decided to go traditional 'well one of us did'. A Jalabiya and a trendy sheer skirt with a mix of our mothers vintage finds were the pick of the day! 

That is what we love about Ramadan, the fashion involved revolves around traditional clothing that are vibrant in color and in crusted with intricate jewels and colorful beading's. 

[Top: New Look; Skirt: H&M; Monet vintage earrings]

[Farasha Turquoise jalabiya; YSL vintage earrings]

Enjoy your night and stay safe! 

Maha & Amal

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One Response to “Look of the day: Fun Sundays infused with style”

Safiyya said...

Love the jewellery! Especially the earrings on the jalabiya outfit!

X, S.

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