A rather healthy kind of dessert: Anood's kitchen

Few weeks ago, As we were planning for our last Ramadan gathering with friends at our place, we've been introduced to a new Bahraini business called Anood's Kitchen, a baking business that focuses on offering healthier home-made delights that get delivered right to the comfort of your own home. 

Anood, the brains behind the delicious desserts, substitutes most of the ingredients in her recipes with healthier alternatives! 

We were given mini versions of the Banana Banoffee cakes, guiltless diet chocolate delights and Cherry and Blueberry cheesecakes for the gathering and my god we fell in love! not only were they really tasty and mouthwatering desserts but also very light which is a bonus! 

We were also given to try out her best seller Chocolate Banana scones and the Healthy Granola bites, we've tweeted about it before and posted pictures on twitter, but bless our family, they were all gone before we could take a proper picture for the blog! they were VERY YUMMY though! next time Inshalla!

 Don't forget to check out their blog  and follow Anood's kitchen on twitter for orders and updates!

Maha & Amal

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