Look of the day: More Stripes & Striking Blues

It's a fashion Sunday! In other words, we are gonna leave you all with some outfit looks we've donned in the past week for two completely different occasions. as you can already tell, our love for stripes and bold colors this Summer is a never-ending story, just gets worse we tell you .. in a good way .. one of us off in her usual comfortable 'ForeverInLove' with a messy casual outfit and the other high on electric blues to a party, Summer can't get any better than this .. <3

[Amal's outfit: H&Ms basic striped top; Mango pastel jeans; Marni for H&Ms sequined collar; Balenciaga bag]

[Maha's outfit: August blue dress; H&M blazer; Balenciaga bag; Christian Louboutin slingback heels]
And before we end this post; We've finally surrendered to the world of Pinterest! It's too addicting! And best part is, it's very simple to use! If any of you guys are just as religious on Pinterest as we are! Follow us on our account for our latest and favorite photographs!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: The sky glows, I see it shining when my eyes close, I hear your warnings but we both know, I'm gonna look at it again, don't wait, don't wait, the lights will flash and fade away, the days will pass you by, don't wait to lay your armor down

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One Response to “Look of the day: More Stripes & Striking Blues”

Taash- Tasha and Ashwathy said...

Love them both!!! That collar is gorgeous! And I'm a sucker for sharp blues! Pretty!

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