Blazin' it up with Mr. Blaze

The month of Ramadan not only brings out our need to discover the jalabiya world but also brings out the inner 'Food monster in us', we can huff and puff and gobble our futoor down! Yesterday, this food mania came with a twist, it included one of us dolling up in casual attire and head to our favorite burger joint in town, the one the only 'Blaze Burger'. We were invited to attend a private food tasting for the joints ramadan special along with other bloggers in the sandbox and since we were fans from the beginning, it was an offer we cannot refuse. Its BLAZE for crying out loud!!

The hype this burger joint built for itself never fails to disappoint. We got to try two types of savoring shakes, a bulls-eye kind of appetizer and their ramadan special burger. What we loved about this Blaze’s special is the attention to details and the homey yet ramadan-y feel it gives!

We were greeted with Date rahash milkshake, at first our half of the sandbox was hesitant, because it was two things she did not take a fancy to! but after trying it, tables have turned and the opportunity to try both ingredients started to emerge, it was YUMMY! rich with flavor. Then came the appetizers, bloggers kept munching happily on the mushroom cheese bullets and were impressed with what they were eating. Next came the main course, as always, they never fails to disappoint as the delicious mini versions of the crunchy burger with honey mustard and roasted garlic mayo topping were going around the table 'loved it so much that I had to get take out for the family’.

[Dates rahash milkshake to start the tasting] 

[Mushroom Cheese bullets]

[Crunchy mini burgers]

A surprise popped up during our laughter, food tasting and engrossed discussions. Mr. Blaze started to talk about two projects he has been working very hard on for a while now. Something that will help differentiate himself from all other joints in the future. One was his very own Blaze signature sauce 'joy to the world' and all bloggers got the chance to taste it. Our verdict: definitely worth it and the kind of sauce you would like to have with your fries or even in your burger. Project two is a new burger patty that took almost a year in the making, he calls it 'the best burger in the world’ and boy was it the best burger in the world, it was like the mariachi band was playing in our mouths 'get ready you guys, this burger is going to be introduced in eid with three topping flavors'. Last but not least we washed all the food we devoured with the ramadan special rose strawberry milkshake, forget the balalee6 milkshake, this amazing milkshake is the new deal. 

[Can you spot the signature Blaze sauce?!]

[The best burger in the world]

[It truly is the best]

[Rose strawberry milkshake]

On another note, In the midst of all the food munching, the other half’s eye couldn't help but wander around at the people coming in and out. She spotted a friendly lady carrying a divine blue Cambridge satchel from afar and couldn't but help go up and talk to her.

[A lovely lady with a gorgeous satchel]

To sum it all up, our hats off to Mr. Blaze. Going back to yesterday, his passion, perseverance, hard work & love for his business definitely makes us feel proud of our sandbox’s local businesses. Thank you Mr. Blaze!    

P.S Thank you Alla from Sugar & spice for being the savior when the camera died! 

Have a blessed week everyone

Maha & Amal

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2 Responses to “Blazin' it up with Mr. Blaze”

Meganne said...

Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
Material Fixations

Maha and Amal said...

Hey there, Thank you very much love. Just checked your blog and we loved it!!! can't wait to comment. and yes! les follow each other for updates!

followed you already!

Maha & Amal

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