Look of the day: Some pleats here & a grad gown there

It has been a while since we posted our outfits & got dolled up for something special. But this time, it was an event like no other. One half of the sandbox finally graduated from University.

Maha's outfit: Zara pleated skirt; self-designed top; fyunka bag; Christian Louboutin heels]
Since its graduation day, our outfits consisted of a graduation toga and some light colors for the other half, you see its rare that color enters the other half's outfit but once she laid eyes on those pleats, it was like love at first sight and where better to wear pleats than a graduation.

Sorry bout the lack of quality, our Nikon ran out of charge and all we had was a tiny digital, until next time! promise with better pictures..

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: There was a time that we'd stay up all night, best friends, talking 'til the daylight, took the joys alongside the pain with not much to lose but so much to gain

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