Up & close with the brains behind 'Fyunka'

The Middle East preserves a lot of creative talents that yearns to be noticed and found. Uncovering such talents is something we hold dear to us, Such treasures are always meant to be found and deserves to be talked about.

One talent that has been gaining the public eyes attention for quite sometime is 'Fyunka' a Jeddah based line created by Alaa Balkhy, an illustrator who one day decided to weave her creativity & dreams into reality. The line consists of stationary, bags and t-shirts that is moved by fashion with a fusion of popular culture and Arabic type. 

We caught up with the young entrepreneur to get to know more about the brand and get her side of the story!

DSB: What is 'Fyunka'? what defines the brand? 
Fyunka: Fyunka is everything fun & pretty!

DSB: How did you come up with the idea? Not to mention the name?
Fyunka: I always wanted to create my own line & wanted to combine what I learned with what I loved. the name was just something that if added made everything prettier. I wanted it to be in Arabic, just to give it more culture.

DSB: What makes Fyunka special & unique?
Fyunka: It is a line of products that are meant for everyone really.

DSB: What inspires you when coming up with new designs?
Fyunka: Travelling, blogs, music, fashion.. fashion & FASHION!

DSB: Out of all the fashion obsessions, why focus on bags?
Fyunka: A bag is what holds everything you need.

DSB: Your concepts are unique & original, how do you maintain the consistency of your unique designs?
Fyunka: All the illustrations are my own, I try to maintain the classic fashion items but play around with seasonal designs.

DSB: What is your favourite bag from your Fyunka collection & why?
Fyunka: The Celine square, it holds everything! its the purrfect travel bag!

DSB: What are your future plans for your brand?
Fyunka: I am moving to New York in a few weeks, so I guess we will see what Fyunka has to offer from the Big Apple.

DSB: Who are some other designers out there that you admire & take inspirations from?
Fyunka: Sugar Vintage was an inspiration. I am always a fan of regional designers for example Vanina & Razan Al-Azzouni.

DSB: What advice can you offer to emerging designers?
Fyunka: Design for yourself & then you know exactly what your target audience would love!

Attention sandbox! Fyunka can be found in Green Diamond Bahrain

Hope you all are having a productive week beautiful followers!

[Photos belongs to Alaa Balkhy]

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