Stolen Moments

Birthdays, anniversaries & some more birthdays! that's how we can sum up the months past, 'so don't judge the pictures fellow followers', lol.

We celebrated both our parents birthdays in one week! they are only a couple of days apart and let us not forget their wedding anniversary, so a family gathering came in order to give both our parents the love they deserve. Thank god we moved to the new house in time for their special days so that we can have a relaxing time EATING, present opening, chatting, singing along to the usual birthday chants, giggling and reminiscing on old times.

Other bits and pieces came to fit our months as well, running errands for a final project, meeting friends for tea, friends birthdays and some extra family get togethers. In Bahrain, it is a must to hold a small reception party when you move into a new home and in our case, once you move back to your renovated home. Like any mother, feeding our guest is a top priority, so we had food catered along with many many satisfying dessert making. This food stuffing activity continued for three days, so you can imagine how we ended up lazy, guilty and carrying dumbbells like crazy people, ok truth to be told, only one of us got a bit calorie counting crazy afterwards, can you guess who?! haha!

Chilling with some magazines & a cup of tea

Scrumptious rose cake from Lilous, we ended up eating the petals from yumminess!
A birthday card fit for our mother! she is our Wonder Woman!
Another Lilous cake was devoured just says later again!  
Drinks and dinner at La Chocolat with the family

Coffee & tea break well deserved!

Family gathering desserts, we love to spoil the fam bam! ..
Our mother loooves Orchids

Fun times at Meat Co.
Alla from Sugar & spice celebratory birthday dinner!

Hope you are all having a fabulous lazy Friday beautiful followers!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: I don't wanna be anything other than what I've been tryin' to be lately, all I have to do is think of me and have peace of mind, I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wonder what I gotta do,or who I'm supposed to be, I don't wanna be anything other than me

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One Response to “Stolen Moments”

Mumzy said...

Thank you Maha and Amal for the wonderful surprised that marks our special day and moments of our lives. You both add colors to our family. May God always bless you.

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