When you wish upon a star: An exclusive with Aysha Mattar

Remember that 'special feature' we talked about yesterday regarding the Marni for H&M's? Yes, here it is! and we are more than excited to share it with all of you! We had the chance to talk to one of our favorite fashion blogger, Aysha Mattar from pretty fashion forward who just lived her Marni for H&M shopping experience at a private preview of this highly-anticipated collection a week ago in Dubai, we were fortunate enough for her to share her views about this collaboration after going through the collection up close and personally, check out her two favorite items she was able to get her hands on and what she has to say about it all:

'Having access to the entire collection was a blessing that I am reeling over. I can honestly say, in my opinion, this collaboration is even better in real life!'
'I absolutely loved EVERY single item from this collection & seeing it up close made it worth while. It's absolutely beautiful & handcrafted so well which is a uniquely Marni trait.'

'I've been lusting over everything but in particular this dress & that necklace. I'm beyond ecstatic that I got them & hope I'll finally get to show them off post the 8th or better yet when the weather warms up.'

Thanks Aysha for sharing with us your personal experience about the private preview! Now we can't wait to stand in line early morning at 7am this Thursday and start our weekend with Marni for H&M's!

Maha & Amal

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