The Marni for H&M's Mania!

We were invited to the Marni for H&M preview today along with a fellow blogger 'Glow Bahrain', at 7:00am 'oh good god!' but for the love of fashion, we got up, dressed and dragged ourselves to this most anticipated launch or should we call it a stampede 'that's what happened once the clock struck 8:00am -scouts honor-'. We were thankful for H&M to give us this opportunity to look at the items up close before the actual launch, we were also able to browse, look at the items & reserve some of the items we've been dying to grab our hands on till 8am 'whew'!

So once we were done with the Sneak Peek we went out & waited for the clock to strike 8am in order to pay for our reserved items & whoa! we were awe struck by the massive amount of girls lined up all peeking through the H&M display window eying all the pieces available & planning strategies on how to get a hold of them! What a sight, when the door finally opened all the girls charged with full force & based on H&M calculations, the collection was sold out in 9 minutes ... 'bizarre right?!'

Anyways, without further a due, here are a couple of pictures we were able to snap of this curazy day!

The display windows with all the beautiful Marni pieces!
Getting into H&M's for our sneak preview on the collection

Marni outdid themselves with the packaging as well! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Close up on all the pretty accessories!
We love that Marni had designed extra shirts where the proceeds go to the Red Cross in Japan! had to get us one of those!
The items we picked up and reserved at the counter before the launch!
The crowd awaiting the official launch and getting all ready to start their Marni for H&M buys!
Things were Insane! Marni for H&M's fanatics grabbing what they could and bargaining
Had to get some snaps on what customers were able to grab! lol
What a lovely coincidence! We finally personally met one of our dear fellow blogger Mara Mostafa ! we are loving what we see in her Marni bag!
One of the girls already sporting one of her Marni for H&M's purchases!
Say hello to the staff! :D couldn't leave the place without including them too!
Our purchases! wooh! all ready to go.. Happy happpy!! :D

So as our shopping day with Marni for H&M's ends, we are more than happy to return home with the things we've been wanting from this collection the most.. the accessories! yep basically, the collars! the earrings! the cuffs! the sunglasses! and not to mention the SHOES! What a great productive shopping day!  ♥

Happy weekend!!

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: Big City Life, me try to get by, pressure nah ease up no matter how hard me try.Big City Life, here my heart have no base, and right now Babylon de pon me case. People in a show, all lined in a row. we just push on by, Its funny how hard we try.

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One Response to “The Marni for H&M's Mania!”

AmnabintAbdulrazzaq said...

i wanna go shop the collection so so badly ...
awesome that you did
happy weekend

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