A glimpse of the past months and a handful of delights

Ah what a lovely way to welcome March in ... just a little bit of pixie dust going around our sandbox! *wooh* But anyhoo! for today's post, we were finally able to gather up our scattered pictures and give you a quick look at what we've been doing lately, or should we say a quick look at what we've been junking out on?! Yes, we admit :D .. I think we went just a teeny bit overboard this month with all the food! but what else is there to do here but eat?! that's really the best part of our sandbox! don't you all agree?!  

Breakfast at Le Chocolat was in order! best meal of the day if you ask us!

A quiet picnic at the new Awali Park on a gorgeous day
Indulging in sweets & chocolates! piece of cake's chocolate caramel slices are recommended! heaven!
Who knew the Palace hotel had a hidden treasure
Italian food galore
Flaunting the manicure
Make-Up class with the famous MakeupManual
Stress Reliever- Baking
Love this Audrey Hepburn Calender on Sugar&Spice's fridge
Shake N' Bake in West Riffa! really yummy stuff they have! they're baked cheesy potato was SO good! love the packaging too!
Over at a friends place, her daughter & brother are the cutest little people who love to pose! lol!
Come out, come out where ever you are
Now that's a puppy face we can't say no to! too cute!
Hope you all are enjoying your Thursday! ♥

Maha & Amal

Song of the day: And it's just like the ocean under the moon, well that's the same as the emotion that I get from you, you got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth, so gimme your heart, make it real or else forget about it

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Anonymous said...

from where that ceaser salad /?

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