DIY: Throw on some metallics darling

Yep, couldn't resist ourselves -guilty- we are loving the detachable collar trend! -spotted many sporting it out in our sandbox too! - It's been going around for quite a while now and is still growing strong! so many different cuts, materials and colors to choose from! they are really fab accessories that you could throw on any outfit and would definitely make a statement! and the best thing .. they are pretty easy to whip one up yourself! So, we decided on giving you our second DIY session [do-it-yourself] on these babies!

Read more for the steps..

What you'll need to get you started:

[1. Any shirt/blouse with a collar; 2. metallics. jewels or sequins; 3. snapbuttons or any ribbon; 4. scissors; 5. pencils and rulars; 6. threads; 7. needs and pins; 8. any thick fabric (we used felt fabric); 9. An iron] 

[Step one: Take your blouse, fold and pin its collar and place it on the fabric just to take its exact measurements for your new detachable collar and trace it, make sure your fabric is also folded, placing the fold of the blouse's collar on the fold of the fabric]
[Step two: Cut out the collar after tracing it, in our case, the felt fabric was too small to fold so we had to cut two seperate pieces and stitch it in the center to create the complete collar]
[Step three: Cut out the metallics based on whats needed to fill the complete collar (you could use any type of sequins or jewels you want)]
[Step four: The metallics we used were the ones that are easily ironed and glued, so after cutting out the right amount that would fill the collar we just had to iron it out for it to stick]
[Step five: Finally, as a closure we stitched on some black ribbons to create a pretty bow and close the collar up]

And there we have it! A simple metallic collar that goes with just about everything, It was so much fun getting this done! Hope its been a helpful DIY!

Maha & Amal

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3 Responses to “DIY: Throw on some metallics darling”

sahar- the unfashionista said...

That is awesome!! I used to have a pink handbag that kind of was the same sort of material- loved it like crazy!! That looks great :D

Amelia Midna said...

it's all about DIY these days and i like it!! really awesome and unique <333 i just lovvvvvvvvve your blog i enjoy it a lot ♥

zainab said...

That's super cool! I love collars<3

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