A photoshoot was held last week to create a lookbook for an emerging label 'august.' designed by Ameena & Maha -The other half behind adayinthesandbox- & Oh what a fun photoshoot it turned out to be.

The outcome of such an incredible photoshoot could not be achieved without the help of some talented individuals: Plhong Flores, who was the fashion photographer, Mai Al Moayyed, better known as the Makeup manual who was the makeup artist for the day & The ever so talented Pauline Castro, who was the model for the shoot.

Now 'august.' is a local Bahraini label that exudes femininity & simplicity with a pinch of chic-ness. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection speaks to the modern breakfast at Tiffany's gal who is ready to doll up for any occasion. Colors such as pastels, nudes and deep blues were used to create this collection which consists of playful flowy dresses, soft sheer tops, structured skirts, matt sequins blazers & of course bow ties to add umph for any outfit.

I'm no Diva




Paris, J’taime

Corporate Queen

Red Carpet Ready

To view the rest of the Spring/Summer 2012 collection & to take orders, please contact

Maha & Amal

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