Oh for the love of MAKE UP! - An exclusive interview with TheMakeupManual

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We have always wanted to post something in regards to Makeup, but since it was something we were clueless about, we both decided it was time to run for help and attend one of our Bahraini fellow blogger Mai Al Moayyed (aka: The Make Up Manual)'s basic Make up course. To sum it up, The 3 hour crash course was a so beneficial, so much fun and we got to learn the foundation on how to apply makeup for everyday. The course includes, the blogger herself demonstrating all the RIGHT ways of applying make up and gives you the do's and dont's as well! lets not forget all the funny side jokes and chit chats that broke in during the lesson 'good times'.

In addition, Mai was so kind enough to lend us some of her time to give us an exclusive interview to share on our blog with all of you gorgeous followers regarding her passion!

Click on the link below to preview our interview with Mai ♡

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DSB: Tell us a little about yourself?

TMM: I'm a Banker - who's passion lays in Makeup. Makeup is my real passion, I'm obsessed with it and addicted to it. I'm a hardworking blogger and I'm the first BAHRAINI makeup blogger! I'm constantly on twitter (@TheMakeupManual) to be in touch with my followers, updating them with new collections, tips, tricks and how to's. Basically my blog is a 'Makeup Manual' to help all the girls out there.

DSB: What ignited your love for makeup and what got you to start your blog?

TMM: I started this blog after realizing that Bahraini women love makeup, but the majority have no idea how to apply it properly. I chose to make it easier for girls by helping them out, by educating them about how to use products and why use them etc. I love helping others and believe that women should be able to perfect their faces by learning it in an easy way.

I did not go to makeup school, I am self taught. I have studied business management and have a master's degree in banking and finance. However, during my free time in the past 3 years, I would always educate myself more about makeup.

DSB: how do you define beauty?

TMM: I believe beauty is simplicity. Also, beauty means being comfortable with who you are and how you look. it requires confidence and simple makeup. Overdoing your make up is not considered 'beautiful'.

DSB: What makeup products are you currently addicted to and use on a daily basis?

TMM: This is a really hard question! I'm addicted to everything! Ok .. I will narrow them down! I love using makeup4ever HD foundation, Chanel Poudre Universal Libre (Loose powder), Urban decay eyeshadow primer, L'Oreal volume million mascara, MAC cork eyeshadow, Naked Palette (1), MAC please me lipstick and Bobbi Brown's gel liner (blank ink).

--> -->DSB: What are the most common mistakes women continuously make while putting makeup?

  • Mistake #1 that women make is choosing the wrong foundation color! this ruins the full makeup result! when your neck has a completely different color than your face or if your face is too light and its suddenly too dark.
  • Mistake #2 is forgetting to blend. whether it's eyeshadow or foundation or powder - you have to blend, blend, blend!!
  • Mistake #3 women always do is skipping 'correctors'. you need to actually correct your flaws underneath before applying foundation for a flawless look.
DSB: In your opinion, what feature should a woman accentuate while putting makeup?

TMM: A woman should always focus on defining her best features when it comes to makeup. It varies of course from face to face - hide your worst features (blemishes and acne) and define the best ones: the eyes, cheeks, nose and lips. define those and your good to go! remember: defining can also mean contouring - giving the illusion that something is slimmer by the use of dark colors.

DSB: What is a quick way to change a day look to a night time look?

  • Eyes: If you have a soft brown eye look during the day, make it more dramatic for a night look by adding black winged gel liner, false lashes, black pencil liner and defining your crease with a slightly darker color. Add a brow bone highlighter too!
  • Face: Re-apply powder all over (if you have a strong foundation base), add some blush, then a cheekbone highlighter for a beautiful glow!
  • Lips: Instead of 'no lipstick' or just a lip gloss during the day, add some color to your lip to go with this brown eye look. Pinks, nude and reds can suit with browns.

DSB: What kind of tips would you give girls who lack experience with makeup?

  • Make sure you use the right colored foundation and powder.
  • Keep your blush natural (not extra red cheeks)
  • Stick to neutral soft brown eyeshadow during the day.
  • Blend any harsh lines when it comes to eyeshadow.
  • Keep your brows natural while filling the gaps (Do not make them thicker).
  • Wear minimal eye makeup if you want to go with bold red lips and vice versa.

DSB: What are the most important makeup brushes that a girl should invest in?

TMM: I believe the makeup brushes are actually more important than the product themselves! If you were to buy brushes from MAC (highly expensive) - try and get sigma brushes (Not as expensive and better quality), the following brushes are the essentials:
  • Foundation brush- MAC 190 or Sigma F60
  • Flawless foundation brush/corrector blending brush – MAC 190
  • Kabuki blush brush- MAC 138 or Sigma F45
  • Powder brush (duo fibre)- MAC 187 or Sigma F50
  • Concealer brush- MAC 195 or Sigma F75
  • Eyeshadow blending brush- MAC 217 or Sigma E25
  • Angled eyebrow brush-MAC 263 or Sigma E65
  • Eyeliner Brush- MAC 210 or Simga E05/E10
  • Lip brush- MAC316 or Sigma L05

DSB: How to maintain a perfect skin after a long day of makeup?

TMM: Before jumping into bed, you have to remove makeup with remover wipes. after that, cleanse your face with your favourite face wash, I love using Kanebo! I would then dry my face and get ready for my midnight routine by applying toner to remove the access oil and dirt and to close my pores. Later on, apply Kanebo's repair concentrate serum and eye cream, and then I would either apply night cream or an oil based concentrate (Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate) for intense cell repair during sleep!

DSB: What are the five things every girl should have in her makeup bag?

TMM: Mascara, Liquid foundation, loose powder, blush and lip gloss. it'll all help achieve an everyday quick natural look.

DSB: What are your hopes and views upon the makeup industry in Bahrain?

TMM: Honestly, I'm not very pleased with the makeup industry in Bahrain. I believe Bahrain can step it up a notch and provide us with more wanted brands. People here are familiar with what's only available such as M.A.C, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, etc. They can't see how NARS, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Illamasqua and Stila have amazing products too and a higher impact in the western world!

It's hard to tell women to use a product that is not available in Bahrain, so they would have to order it online or travel to get it. For example, Sephora Dubai sells a wider variety of brands when compared to Sephora Bahrain. It saddens me to see NARS being removed when many girls are head over heels for it!

More girls are becoming heavy makeup users in Bahrain and the beauty industry here should meet their requirements. I would say that the beauty industry has developed over the years but it is developing at a slow pace. New collections launch in USA and Europe so fast, while the Middle East receives it when the world comes to an end.

Yet, some good news to all make up lovers out there, Urban Decay is coming soon to Bahrain!

DSB: What is the impact of make up in the fashion industry? What affect can makeup add to an outfit?

TMM: Huge impact of course! They are intertwined together. Makeup compliments fashion.

Nowadays, fashion shows are not about the clothes only, they also focus on the makeup that the model wears. Sometimes the makeup is what grabs the attention. Even if the look was a simple natural nude look, you would need makeup for that (foundation, powder, brow powder)! In the fashion industry, extreme hardcore fashion or simple elegant designers require the use of makeup.

Most of the times makeup is used as part of the theme of the clothing, If it were up to the clothes and hair only, the look won't be complete!

With regards to normal day to day fashion (our clothes) I believe makeup has a huge impact on confidence more than an outfit. When a women sees that she has become more beautiful, she gains more self esteem and walks in confidence. Yet, makeup can change the whole outfit and make it more attractive or unattractive. if your makeup was simple/beautiful or even with a bold red lipstick, it can compliment your clothes. However, if your makeup is drag (looking like rainbow colors) it can attract attention away from your clothes and blind others ;).

DSB: Lastly, any advice you want to share with ladies out there?

TMM: Simple makeup is always better, Never over do it! Learn to define your strong face features by making them stand out beautifully.

We hope you readers benefited from this LONG interview! we know we did! and we recomment to attend her makeup classes, and we can guarantee that your gonna love her class and her bubble personality as much as we did!


Maha & Amal

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Shabana said...

This interview was really good and informative. Mai's so good at what she does! Way to go all three of you!


Maha & Amal said...

Thankk yoou shabana! So sweet of u! we really recommend this class to everyone!

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